Enquiry for Major/Minor/Programme Requirements

Minor Title Minor in Statistics
Offered to students admitted to Year 1 in 2017-2018

The curriculum of the Minor in Statistics is structured specifically to cater for the general need of non-statistical disciplines and provide basic training in statistical methodologies and their applications to practical problems. It aims to provide students with a strong and rigorous sense of quantitative reasoning that has become an indispensable skill in nearly all disciplines.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this programme, students should be able to:
PLO 1 :

acquire basic statistical knowledge alongside their major disciplines, with emphases on correct applications of statistical methods and insightful interpretations of statistical findings (by means of coursework, tutorial classes and project-based learning in the curriculum)

PLO 2 :

equip with computational skills essential to conducting complete data analyses (by means of coursework, tutorial classes, project-based learning and presentation opportunities in the curriculum)

PLO 3 :

participate proactively in large-scale, multi-disciplinary studies, determine objective findings, and provide guidance on all aspects of data collection and analyses (by means of coursework, tutorial classes and project-based learning in the curriculum)

Impermissible Combination:

Major in Computing and Data Analytics
Major in Decision Analytics
Major in Risk Management
Major in Statistics
Minor in Risk Management

Required courses (42 credits)
1. Introductory level courses (12 credits)
Disciplinary Electives (12 credits)
At least 12 credits from List A and List B, with at least 6 credits from List B:
List A
STAT1601 Elementary statistical methods (6)
STAT1602 Business statistics (6)
STAT1603 Introductory statistics (6)
STAT2601 Probability and statistics I (6)
List B
STAT2602 Probability and statistics II (6)
STAT2603 Data management with SAS (6)
STAT2605 Demographic and socio-economic statistics (6)
2. Advanced level courses (30 credits)
Disciplinary Electives (30 credits)
At least 30 credits selected from the following courses:
STAT3600 Linear statistical analysis (6)
STAT3602 Statistical inference (6)
STAT3603 Stochastic processes (6)
STAT3604 Design and analysis of experiments (6)
STAT3605 Quality control and management (6)
STAT3606 Business logistics (6)
STAT3607 Statistics in clinical medicine and bio-medical research (6)
STAT3608 Statistical genetics (6)
STAT3611 Computer-aided data analysis (6)
STAT3612 Data mining (6)
STAT3613 Marketing engineering (6)
STAT3614 Business forecasting (6)
STAT3616 Advanced SAS programming (6)
STAT3617 Sample survey methods (6)
STAT3620 Modern nonparametric statistics (6)
STAT3621 Statistical data analysis (6)
STAT3955 Survival analysis (6)
STAT4601 Time-series analysis (6)
STAT4602 Multivariate data analysis (6)

1. Double counting of credits is not permissible for major-minor or double-minors combinations. For a course appears as a core course ("disciplinary core") in the major-minor or double-minors, students have to make up the credits by taking replacement course in the minor. For details, please refer to "Students taking double Majors, Major-Minor or double Minors with overlapping course requirements" in the BSc syllabuses.


Important! Ultimate responsibility rests with students to ensure that the required pre-requisites and co-requisite of selected courses are fulfilled. Students must take and pass all required courses in the selected primary science major in order to satisfy the degree graduation requirements.

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