Enquiry for Major/Minor/Programme Requirements

Minor Title Minor in Ecology & Biodiversity
Offered to students admitted to Year 1 in 2023-2024

This Minor in Ecology & Biodiversity is an ideal introduction to the natural world, the species and ecosystems it comprises and the biological rules it follows. It aims to allow students to learn about general ecological principles and the local flora and fauna of the region, and the conservation challenges that will need to be addressed in a rapidly-changing world. Students will be able to build upon this basic knowledge developed at the introductory level by selecting from among a wide range of courses that offer learning opportunities through practical and field work, as well as traditional and virtual teaching, in more specialized areas of ecology and biodiversity.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this programme, students should be able to:
PLO 1 :

appreciate and describe the importance of ecology and biodiversity, and the importance of the variety of life to humans (by means of coursework, tutorial classes and laboratory-based learning in the curriculum)

PLO 2 :

understand and describe the impacts of environmental change and the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss (by means of coursework, tutorial classes and laboratory-based learning in the curriculum)

PLO 3 :

appreciate and describe the ecological principles underlying different policies and plans for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Hong Kong and elsewhere (by means of coursework, tutorial classes and laboratory-based learning in the curriculum)

Impermissible Combination:

Major in Ecology & Biodiversity
Major in Ecology & Biodiversity (Intensive)

Required courses (36 credits)
1. Introductory level courses (12 credits)
Disciplinary Core Courses (12 credits)
BIOL1309 Evolutionary diversity (6)
BIOL2306 Ecology and evolution (6)
2. Advanced level courses (24 credits)
Disciplinary Electives (24 credits)
BIOL3101 Animal behaviour (6)
BIOL3301 Marine biology (6)
BIOL3302 Systematics and phylogenetics (6)
BIOL3303 Conservation biology (6)
BIOL3313 Freshwater ecology (6)
BIOL3314 Plant structure and evolution (6)
BIOL3318 Experimental intertidal ecology (6)
BIOL3319 Tropical terrestrial ecology (6)
BIOL3419 Insect ecology: the little things that run the world (6)
BIOL3506 Evolutionary biology (6)
BIOL4302 Environmental impact assessment (6)

1. Double counting of credits is not permissible for major-minor or double-minors combinations. For a course appears as a core course ("disciplinary core") in the major-minor or double-minors, students have to make up the credits by taking replacement course in the minor. For details, please refer to "Students taking double Majors, Major-Minor or double Minors with overlapping course requirements" in the BSc syllabuses.


Important! Ultimate responsibility rests with students to ensure that the required pre-requisites and co-requisite of selected courses are fulfilled. Students must take and pass all required courses in the selected primary science major in order to satisfy the degree graduation requirements.

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