Enquiry for Major/Minor/Programme Requirements

Minor Title Minor in Earth Sciences
Offered to students admitted to Year 1 in 2017-2018

The Minor in Earth Sciences aims to provide interested students with an introduction to the fundamental structure, process and history of the Earth. The minor curriculum is designed particularly to provide students from different majors the flexibility to select courses to enhance their interests in Earth Sciences or to complement their major of study.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this programme, students should be able to:
PLO 1 :

understand and describe the methods used by the Earth scientists to study the Earth systems (by means to coursework, tutorial classes and field-based learning in the curriculum)

PLO 2 :

understand and describe the basic nomenclature used in Earth Sciences (by means to coursework, tutorial classes and field-based learning in the curriculum)

PLO 3 :

discuss and comment critically issues related to the Earth Sciences in media reports (by means to coursework, tutorial classes and field-based learning in the curriculum)

Impermissible Combination:

Major in Earth System Science
Major in Geology
Major in Geology (Intensive)

Required courses (36 credits)
1. Introductory level courses (12 credits)
Disciplinary Electives (12 credits)
At least 12 credits selected from the following courses:
EASC1401 Blue Planet (6)
EASC1402 Principles of geology (6)
EASC2401 Fluid/solid interactions in earth processes (6)
2. Advanced level courses (24 credits)
Disciplinary Electives (24 credits)
At least 24 credits of advanced level Earth Sciences courses (EASC3XXX or EASC4XXX level), subject to prerequisite requirements. The current course list includes courses in List A:
List A
EASC3020 Global change: anthropogenic impacts (6)
EASC3402 Petrology (6)
EASC3403 Sedimentary environments (6)
EASC3404 Structural geology (6)
EASC3405 Environmental remote sensing (6)
EASC3406 Reconstruction of past climate (6)
EASC3408 Geophysics (6)
EASC3409 Igneous and metamorphic petrogenesis (6)
EASC3410 Hydrogeology (6)
EASC3412 Earth resources (6)
EASC3413 Engineering geology (6)
EASC3414 Soil and rock mechanics (6)
EASC3415 Meteorology (6)
EASC3416 Advanced geochemistry and geochronology (6)
EASC3417 Earth through time (6)
EASC3999 Directed studies in earth sciences (6)
EASC4403 Biogeochemical cycles (6)
EASC4406 Earth dynamics & global tectonics (6)
EASC4407 Regional geology (6)
EASC4408 Special topics in earth sciences (6)
EASC4911 Earth system: contemporary issues (6)
EASC4955 Integrated field studies (6)
EASC4966 Earth sciences internship (6)
EASC4999 Earth sciences project (12)

1. Double counting of credits is not permissible for major-minor or double-minors combinations. For a course appears as a core course ("disciplinary core") in the major-minor or double-minors, students have to make up the credits by taking replacement course in the minor. For details, please refer to "Students taking double Majors, Major-Minor or double Minors with overlapping course requirements" in the BSc syllabuses.


Important! Ultimate responsibility rests with students to ensure that the required pre-requisites and co-requisite of selected courses are fulfilled. Students must take and pass all required courses in the selected primary science major in order to satisfy the degree graduation requirements.

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