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MATH2401 Analysis I (6 credits) Academic Year 2017
Offering Department Mathematics Quota ---
Course Co-ordinator Prof W S Cheung, Mathematics
Course Aim This course extends to more general situations some basic results covered in Calculus and introduces some fundamental concepts which are essential for advanced studies in mathematical analysis.
Course Contents - Basic properties of metric spaces; openness; closedness; interior point; adherent point; accumulation point; boundary point; compactness; completeness; continuity; connectedness; pathwise connectedness; uniform continuity; uniform convergence; Banach's fixed point theorem.
Learning Outcomes On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:
- demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic features of mathematical analysis and point set topology (e.g., able to identify objects that are topological equivalent);
- apply knowledge and skills acquired in mathematical analysis to analyze and handle novel situations in a critical way (e.g., able to determine whether a specific function is uniformly continuous);
- think creatively and laterally to generate innovative examples and solutions to non-standard problems (e.g., able to provide counterexamples to inaccurate mathematical statements).
Pre-requisites Pass in (MATH1201 and MATH1202) or MATH1211 or MATH1803 or or MATH1804 or MATH1805 or MATH1811 or MATH1812 or MATH1813; and
Pass in MATH2201, or already enrolled in this course.
Offer in 2017 - 2018 Not offered Examination  
Offer in 2018 - 2019 N
Teaching Hours 36 hours of lectures and student-centered learning. Tutorials will also be arranged if necessary.
Assessment Method One 2.5-hour written examination (50% weighting) together with coursework assessment (50% weighting)
Course Grade A+ to F
Textbooks To be decided by the course instructor.
References Apostol: Mathematical Analysis
Rudin: Principles of Mathematical Analysis
Course Website moodle.hku.hk
Remarks Tutorial timetable:
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